Signs of leaking...

I was checking for signs of leaking during todays inspection and found one firmly planted into the main line for zone 4! :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: :smiley: Man, sometimes I just crack myself up.

Wonder who’s gonna pay to fix that? Call Tim Ziffle at 832-457-…

If I fixed it to save the agent the trouble and to potentially gain referral business from said agent, would that be ethically wrong?

Please don’t answer that, I’m just kidding.

Where is Captain NACHI when you need him? :smiley:

John, Have you ever seen an agent digging a h:shock:le for a sign??..:stuck_out_tongue:

Generally there is a half-witt involved, trying to make ends-meet, he lost there…:smiley:

Maybe the sign was just water logged.?

Interesting and aggressive marketing.