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A complete guide to windows. A Very informative video!

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Not quite complete!!! A “Beginner’s Guide to Windows” would be a better name.

The following does a better does a better job on the efficiency of windows and doors.

Installation and flashing of windows is something I rarely see done well here. There’s a 220 page book written by an archtitectural firm from Mill Valley (north of San Francisco) just on installing windows and doors. I’ve handed out over 1000 copies of their details for installing windows/doors in wood framed structures over the years.


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Sorry, guys. Didn’t have time to search through files for the name of the earlier mentioned book…had to run to an inspection (5 hours plus travelling). Anyways, here it is:


Available from:

DTA Inc.
495 Miller Avenue
Mill Valley, CA

This address is about 10-12 years old so I don’t know if they are still around or in the same location.

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Title: Nail-On Windows
Installation and flashing procedures for windows and doors.

ISBN: 0964577003

Nail-On WindowsInstallation & Flashing Procedures for Windows & Sliding Glass Doors is by local architect Robert Bateman. This book is the answer to leaks, callbacks, and lawsuits over the installtion of todays modern window and sliding door units. Finding installation details (until this book!) has been a Catch 22…Manufactorers refer to “flashing to be in compliance with the Building Code” and the Building Code says: Exterior openings exposed to the weather shall be flashed in such a manner as to make them weatherproof. (UBC section 1402.2)!!! Here at last is a specification with excellent step-by-step installation instructions with beautifully executed perspective drawings of each step! It could not be clearer! 230 pages of extraordinary details of every concievable installation. Don’t install another window or door 'til you’ve checked it out! DTA, Inc.

Author: Bateman, Robert
Publisher: DTA
Categories: Architecture, Building Trades, Reference/Standards, Carpentry/Const Tech,

Our Price: $65.00
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