Silver is on sale. This is insane. Stack a few ounces if you can.

Silver is really cheap right now.

So is lead which becomes more handy if this current insanity continues. Of course if we have a sudden attack of Werewolves the silver does become more useful. :wink:

I had 37 POUNDS of 99.99% fine silver I bought in 1972 when I was doing jewelry, at just under $3 oz. It was in plate, wire and other forms. Sold it all when the Hunt’s had their scam going and got out before it crashed. Bought 16 pounds in 1993 for a little over $4 oz. and still have it all sitting in my safe. Now that I am retired I might go back to making jewelry again. Lots of collectible turquoise left over I can use.

Bitcoin is “on sale” also. “On sale”…neat euphemism for “down in value”.