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Answer this and get a bag of Christmas coffee beans.

What home fixture company offers a 100 year warranty on their product? What is the product?

First one to answer gets the beans.
I will need your address and whether you need it ground

Good luck :smiley:

wolverine brass


Wolverine bass

edwin bass
1003 Shenandoah
high point, nc 27262


wolverine/brass and its a garbage dispozal.

Wolverine Brass

Slow down a bit, Its a 2 part question.

wolverine and faucets!

Anthony Tilidetzke
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Carl got it.

Wolverine/brass and its a faucet.

Saddleback leather

Anthony got it first. Faucets with a ceramic valve guaranteed for 100 years to the original owner.

Garbage disposal guaranteed 5 years,

Send me your address and if you need the beans ground.

His answer was wrong at first then changed. Ask him.

Your right but I didn’t say you only had one try like we do with question of the week.

No harm done. I have more coffee coming later

That’s awesome! Ground please, I can’t wait to try them! I will pay it forward and plan on doing a similar thing next event or next Christmas Party! Very much appreciated! Merry Christmas!

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Yes Iedited it but it didn’t go through I guess… Noticed it was a 2 perter after lol