Silvertree Inspections coffee

I will send a bag of Silvertree Coffee to the 7th and 12th person to respond.

Message me if you want beans or grind.
Address for delivery
Will be either Panama, Peru or Nicaraguan.

Darker roaster
Cupping notes Smokey Chocolate sweetness lingering in the tongue. :mrgreen:

Very cool!

Troy Weiland
Marshfield, WI

Merry Christmas!

I guess nobody likes coffee

Ron Cleland, CMI
Hutchinson, MN.

I LIVE on coffee.

I live coffwe…do you roast it?

Chuck Evans
33606 Deer Creek Way
Stagecoach, TX 77355
(936) 522-8633

Thank You

I’m very interested to see and sample this unique marketing item.

I love coffee

From a fellow Minnesotan who enjoys coffee, i’d love some, Paul. Thanks!

Aaron Slavey
Winona, MN

Troy Weiland
Marshfield, WI

Merry Christmas!

Shawn Staggs
Sarasota, Fl

Brian Mower
Lansdale PA

Merry Christmas
Jeff Green
California Mo

Mike Becker
Orland Park IL

Richard Ingalls, Holiday, FL

Ron Cleland, CMI
Hutchinson, MN.

What a great gift idea.
nice job Paul

We have 2 coffee lovers getting some Silvertree coffee.

Send me your mailing address and ground or not?

More coffee giveaway as the day goes on.

Thanks for adding to the gifts Paul…Nice day for coffee…really snowing here in WI. Glad i’m inside.