Simple and Easy to Use Water Test Kits

Great for Inspectors!

How is this a good deal?

I can get someone to test for me for $125 and charge $300- $350.00
They have the equipment and assume the risk.

You want $145 and I do the testing and assume the risk.

Please explain how this is good for inspectors.

How on earth do you get someone to test for you for $125? Labs around here charge $125 for lab testing only and thats for lead, nitrate/nitrate, and coliform only. $145 for what they’re giving you is a great deal IMO. I might actually start using them as right now we have to drive 45 minutes to the lab each way to drop off. I’d rather slap a label on a box and be done with it.

Do they have to be packed in dry ice?

The Kit Includes everything you need to do the sampling as well as the Ice Packs and Cooler to send the samples back for testing.