Simple branch question

A friend of mine added a circuit with two outlets in his basement. Tied into another circuit, added a junction box, I tested the outlets, they are wired properly. An electrician told him not to end the circuit at the second outlet, but to run it back to the junction box and tie into the other half of the original wire, to make a loop. Whats the logic for this?

Do you have a circuit diagram to show us.
Outlet could be a switch or fixture plus are we talking Line or neutral,ground, 110 or 220 ?
Ground and neutral loop back to the box.

Just came back because I had forgotten about this site till just now.

There’s no reason that this should be done.


Unless your description is missing some pertinent information there is not logical reason to do this.

Going further with the comments the circuits run in parallel not series.
The question reminds me of how they wire Christmas lights so one burnt bulb does not effect the rest.

I was fighting with my scanner, I lost. No diagram. Its a simple 110 run, I saw no reason to loop it, didn’t know if there was a code reference or something. Seems like a waste of time and wire.

What will end up happening … someone will be working on the receptacle and they unhook what they think is the only hot feed. They’ll get bit since it’s fed from two directions. Not really the best way.