Simple insurance insp software

Hello, I am providing a brand new licensed home inspector some insurance inspection work and he has almost NO computer skills. Is there a wind mit program that reduces photo size when they are imported from a camera card and that is super user friendly? I also need a solution for the new Citizens 4 point inspection requirements. Thanks in advance this guy needs all the help we can give him.

FastStone Photo Resizer is free and easy to use.

Don’t you already have this information to share with him. An inspector with little or no computer experience will likely not go far.

Thanks Randy.

Brad I know but I am trying to be a good guy and help this guy get to only working one job or at least only during the day. I use PDFill and it is tough for him but he is slowly comming along. I really doubt he will be able to work on his own for a very long time.

The guy has heart and is learning but VERY SLOWLY.

Agreed, and resizing photos (or filling out a PDF) is pretty basic. This isn’t 1985.

The guy came from another country and speaks several languages. He has the will to learn and is not stupid, it will just take time. I will likely gain a good sub and friend by helping him out.

I’m pretty sure they had computers in whatever Country he hails from originally. And if they didn’t, well it’s your time that’s burning, not mine.

I uses Photoshop to batch process but that costs bucks.
Try this photo resizer he can batch process photos so it will make it quicker
FastStone Photo Resizer - Powerful Image Converter/Resizer

Hi Michael,
Good of you to take the time and energy to help someone along! If there is no limitation of using matching report writer software, have him consider spectora. I’m exploring it as a replacement for hhz for the simple fact that they have templates for 4 pts and windmits baked in. They have pretty good tutorials as well for self training.

All you would need to do is help tweak the templates and teach him mechanics.

I believe there are a couple of other report writers that offer similar features

I’m still looking for a simple solution as well so I’d love to hear what others are using