Simplifying Arrows Idea

I use the arrow icons/photos in the HG image editor frequently (maybe too much). This simple idea would literally save me possibly hundreds of extra clicks per inspection:

Instead of clicking an arrow icon, having it appear, and moving it to the correct location; have the arrow icon in the toolbar be drag-and-drop. This eliminates having to click and then adjust and then do the same thing all over for the comment (if you add a comment). You click once, drag it exactly where it goes, and let go. No adjustment needed. No false clicks thinking you are adding a comment and an arrow pops up.

If you use arrows at all, just think how many clicks you could save with this little mod per report.

Hi Wil,
I’m all for improvements. But you don’t have to click the arrow to get it ready. Just click the area on the picture where you want it. One click and if you are accurate then that’s all you needed to do was one click. With the setting the way it is now, if I needed to put three arrows on the picture, I could actually do it in three clicks. The way you described I would have to click the arrow button each time to reset it for a drag motion.

Thanks for the tip Russell. Since that only works on left pointing arrows that doesn’t really help in my case. I doubt those that use arrows only use one direction.

I have arrows and text in nearly all of my photos and use the text box below the photo to describe the location. I constantly find myself clicking a tool then clicking the picture, only to find that I selected the wrong tool and now have to click the select button, select, then delete, then start over.

**Drag and drop would mean that you would still only need one click but also be able to select the tool. **

Thanks for your consideration. This would literally save me hundreds of clicks PER REPORT and avoid mis-clicks.

So are you saying that the function should be that you always start with click drag from the arrow to the picture? That would be more motion instead of a click you would click swipe or click drag. What about if the arrow had a rotation feature?

Yes, drop and drag would be great. For those who might not want that, leave the existing feature also (they’re not mutually exclusive). I can say from experience that quickly selecting the arrow or text box is tedious and I’m constantly hitting the wrong button (like the overlay function (which brings up a popup). Drag and drop eliminates this. If we only used the left pointing arrow, I’d say ignore my comment. But there 9 tools to choose from on that bar (4 arrows alone).

Thanks for considering. Might sound like a silly improvement, but half of the time spent making a report is in the text and picture editor boxes. This would save me many hours over the long run.

For me, the ability to rotate the arrow would be very important. More often than not, what I’m pointing out is not in a horizontal or vertical plane.

You can rotate an arrow now as is. In the edit picture mode on the right column you can select the arrow to rotate and then type in the entry field 45 for 45 degree angle or use the little rotate arrows beside the entry box.

Its not fast …for this topic, but I didnt’ know if you knew the feature exists.

It would be nice if you could orient the arrow by dragging it instead of clicking.

Thank you, Russell. Can’t believe I’ve been using the program for all these years and didn’t notice that feature.

Your welcome! Lots features in HG and its understandable that many inspectors do not realize some of them. That can be partly my fault too for not laying out more videos demonstrating HomeGauge’s awesomeness