Simpson strong tie Model #H10A

I cant seem to get an answer from the manufacturer on these. Does anyone know what they would classify as on the FL Wind Mit form…Clips? Single wrap?, etc. I am seeing these more frequently.

I would mark them as clips. Doesn’t wrap over the truss to qualify as single wraps.

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Yacdiel why thank you. I have competing answers on this. I did mark them as clips the last time I saw them, but I always like to give my clients the best service. Anyone else have an alternative argument to clips? I sincerely appreciate all replies.

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Don’t over complicate the process.

It’s “a metal connector that doesn’t wrap over the top of the truss/rafter”.


Don, best way to look at it is like this… follow the wording on the form exactly. I’m not going to say EVERYTHING stamped Simpson will qualify on a Wind Mit but MOST do. This meets the clips requirement on the WM for sure.

Another question… is this a valid roof to wall connection with that vertical webmember and that entire bracket being exposed? Seems like this would be an interior wall?

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