Simultaneous Inspections!

This is a first for me, simultaneous inspections, has this ever happened to you?
I just finished an inspection where there was also another inspector involved for other clients! Apparently, there is a bidding war on this property.
BTW There were viewings by other people while the inspections were conducted.

Couple years ago a person scheduled an inspection with us. When I got there a competitor/friend of mine was also pulling up. We chatted and couldn’t figure out what was going on. The client showed up and said she accidently made two appointments and we could split the fee. Acted like it was our fault too. Instead we both just split. Left her high and dry.

I had this happen to me also, agent said they forgot to cancel me, the client had no idea what was going on, I had the outside done and most of the inside done, I just looked at the agent and left, the other inspector ask me what i had found . Just smiled and said i was not at the liberty to say. But look close. Well after a month or so i got inspections from that agent. It all works out.

I think I would have looked at the agent and said… I’ve got the outside done and most of the inside. My inspection fee is ____, regardless of if I finish or not. Would you like for me to continue, or should I stop now.

I did ask mark I figured something was up because the other guy was new and 1 hour drive , He was just starting up I had another for the day and didn’t want to stir things up. Guess what the other fellow was 150 cheaper ( no longer in the business)

Now that’s a GOTYA!!!

The look on her face was probably priceless, for everything else there’s Mastercard!!

There is justice!!!

Had somewhat of a similar case, only as a contractor, the potential customer scheduled 2 of us at the same time! Really tacky!!!

Told the customer, from what you told me over the phone, my price would be:
(gave her an outragious price). and walked out. The other contractor followed my out, I told him I wasn’t interested, so stick it to her, HE DID!

We’ve been good friends since!!

How could that be, the agent is in control, is to direct traffic, see that things go smoothly, after all they are a PROFESSIONAL!!!

The most notable simultaneous inspection that I had was on an auction property. Three inspectors, the auctioneer and her employees, potential buyers and family members of the deceased owner all inside and outside the house. Lots of limitations noted in that report.

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I did an IR inspection while the other inspector did his (checklist carbon copy) inspection. I pointed out the moisture issues (3 different leaks) he missed.

Linus did any of these areas have moisture stains visible?

None. Leak in bath drain in unit above and flashing leaks. No visible signs at all. Verified with moisture meters.

This is why I will not book an inspection with the Realtor (some exceptions, as when I have worked with the Realtor for a long time). My client is the buyer.

I have run into situations when the buyer hires me and the Realtor brings in their own guy. I leave it up to the client, but I also inform the Realtor (privately) that this is very un-professional.

Just my opinion.