Single pole with 3-way

Any safety issues with using a single pole switch as a 3-way? I found a 3-way set-up in a bedroom where one of the switches is a single pole.

Not sure of a safety issue but for one thing it won’t work correctly.

The ones in my house were wired with single pole and two runs of 14-2. They worked fine. I didn’t even know until I started renovating.

The guy who owned the home before me was some what of a genius. He worked miracles with electrical stuff. Its all wrong and I have been slowly redoing all of it but there is still something impressive about the way he worked.

Watch out, I was replacing my moms ceiling fan and my step father was a genius too. Used the ground as nutral, so there could be 2 switches, one for fan and one for light…BAZINGA!

I about died, not from the shock, but the fal off the ladder, it was over the stairway with cathedral ceiling, i was saved because the ladder only tipped until it hit a wall.

Gee I guess we should all make sure the power is off before working on any eqipment …

If it is a steel link chain or brass I recommend isolation links made of plastic so if something goes wrong with the wiring or the install was not done by a professional you can’t get shock from the casing turning on the lights or fan system.