single system inspection compliance

Hey fellow Texas inspectors,

Question: When doing a single system inspection, foundation only for example, do you write a departure statement in the other sections not used? Or do you simply delete them and include the required TREC notice on the first page?


Your question is answered in TAC 535.223 (6)(F).

Thanks Michael. I’ve read that but am still unclear how to do the report.


Over the many years of inspecting I’ve done a few single-item inspections at the request of the buyer/client.

For the sake of making things easy I just use the TREC approved template and I add dis-claimer verbiage in the ‘additional comments’ section of the title page and I also add dis-claimer verbiage under the topic being inspected as well as the information gathered for that toipic (IE: Foundation).

I then make sure all the other topics in the template have the “NI” box checked along with a very short bullet under each “NI” topic that it was not inspected per request of the buyer/client.

BTW - you can’t just delete topics in the TREC template. There are a couple topics you can chose to have or not have, but you cannot (on a wholesale basis) delete unused topics.

Easy to do and (for me) covers all the bases.

Nolan is correct, for a single-system inspection you may use, but are not required to, the TREC promulgated REI 7-5 report form annotated as he suggested. Alternatively, you may use any report format you choose as long as long you include the proper disclaimer of:

Thanks guys, makes sense now.

Foundation repair companies are not regulated. They routinely send non-inspectors to homes being bought and sold to measure elevations and render an opinion with the caveat that final interpretation of cause and remediation must be provided by an engineer. They usually do it for free but if you want the elevation sketch they charge for it.

Same for roofers.

Same for garage door installers.

Same for framer doing minor repair.

Same for the gutter installer

Same for the mason

Same for the painter

Same for window repair or replacement companies.

Same for drainage contractors.

Same for siding contractors.

Same for insulators.

Same for bathroom tile persons.

Same for chimney sweeps (I think).

I see no need to use a TREC form or to put my insurance at risk if I am looking at a single system or providing other consulting services providing I clearly state this is not a TREC inspection. If TREC wants to dispute that then they are going to have to take on a hell of a lot of workers.

Lastly, the sales contract indicates licensed people will be used whenever required and the code will be followed. It can be argued that the agents were negligent if they did not assure that compliance when repairs were done. LoL, how many repairs are done without a permit by handy persons? Gonna bury inspectors? Then bury working people and agents too!

Deregulate home inspection