Single system inspection

I got a call requesting a roof only inspection, I have never done a single system inspection before and was wondering what to charge. 1500 sq. ft. sloped asphalt roof. Would the client sign my full contract or should I have a seperate contract for this? I was thinking of charging $100. Any thoughts or help would be apprecited.

IF, you do it…
Use the full agreement but write in “limited inspection for roof covering only”

Also make sure that they are not wanting a “certification or similar sign off”.
An inspection of a roof can not and should not be a guarantee against leaking. Some new roofs leak and are not apparent right away. Most attics just don’t have adequate access and during a hard rain from the critical direction.

I get these requests all the time, usually the furnace, mould in the bathroom were the new shingles put on right. I usually refuse because it takes almost as much time as a whole inspection but they want it cheap. that’s usually why they only want one thing. The travel time is the same. You still have the liability.
If you book one a single, what do you do when someone calls for a full inspection and needs it the same time as the single. You now have lost the difference between the two fees.
I have though about asking for the same amount of money that I would charge for the full inspection.
Anyway that my experience with these.

Very simply $175.00 and if they say it is too expensive, oh well.

I also look at these as an opportunity to sell a full inspection at the time of the inspection. Also a good time to sell ancilliary services.


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