Sire not impressed

The sire was not impressed with his new daughter but the Dam and I was very impressed we like the color and the confirmation :D:D:D

I too am impressed and glad for you too . Love them … Roy

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I was fortunate to be present for a foaling back in the 70s. I remember it well to this day. Nice lookin filly.

If they were goats…I’d be sure Charles would be the daddy?
This thread is a bunch of horse s*hit…Yep!:smiley:

Yeah and I hear you are a sheep herder;-)

I don’t like sheep or goats because they are Badddddad!
Now chickens are another story…:smiley:

Nice! Got a barn name yet? I know mine normally take a couple days. I got one coming in the next couple weeks. Due on the 20th. Got a full brother and he’s quite the guy… the waiting is the worst isn’t it?!

I don’t barn name them until they develop a personality. Yeah 11 month gestation is like 11 years sometimes. 333 days and add one day for each year of age for the Dam. That is the gestation formula I was taught by Danial Boon;-)

LOL! That’s an interesting one. Mine all seem to go a bit early, but when the mare I’m waiting on this year had the full brother 5 years ago, she was thankfully a bit late. She was due on Dec 28thish, dropped my guy on Jan 4th. Which is good since we breed APHA, and I REALLY didn’t want it prior to Jan 1st! :slight_smile:

Looks like you are a winner Congratulations

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another mouth to feed…you’d better get back to work Partner…

Well I have known a few people that claimed Jan 1 as the birth day but the colt actually had thanksgiving day with the owner:shock: