Sistering joist

is sistering on to a cracked joist or damaged joist a proper way of repair? what are some of your views on that? im asking cause i get different opinions from inspectors…some say its okay and some say that a proper joist repair means having proper bearing on each end from the sill plate to the mid span. thank you in advance.

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Case by case situation. It is often acceptable. My minimum requirement is that the scabbed lumber goes from load point to load point.


thank you for the reply.

I agree with Brian. :+1:


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If the damage is within the middle third of the joist, just sister a new full length joist. If the end is rotted off say one foot or less and the remaining portion is good just sister an 8 foot joist. If the damage is due to dry rot then everything I just say goes out the window.


I also agree with Brian.

Ok… I will stir the pot a bit. Your job, IMHO, is to point out deficiencies or issues that may have an affect on the value of the home, or, pose a safety issue to anyone occupying the home. It’s not your place to recommend or suggest a cure to anything reported. Leave that to the qualified contractor.

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