Site Drainage

After reading about the site drainage requirements (6 inches slope in the first 10 feet from the house) I immediately questioned if that was the standard in my area. So I took a few drives looking at houses to confirm my suspicions. More than half are not even close to this much slope and on most it does not even look attainable.

I am wondering how this should be handled. I am thinking it is not an issue here with our mostly slab on grade construction and our very sandy soil as long as water does not pool next to the house.

You pretty much hit that on the head.
The minimum slope recommended is 2% grade.
You have to use common sense, for instance;
If you inspected this week and there were multiple days of rain and you discover a low slope grade away from the exterior wall system with NO STANDING water or sloshy soils then that most likely indicated good percolation. Now you can guess the opposite.
If the strata has silt, clay or other material that retards percolation than that might be an issue.
This can cause footer and foundation issues on a SOG also this will cause a stacking affect that has to wait until the surrounding soils drain to allow the water to drain.
Think of heavy rains on a site that has moderate pipe size for inlets and the water pools waiting for the water to drain in the piping system to whatever retention of canal drainage it is using.
BTW, it is not common to find 6" in ten feet in my areas. Many times there is not that much horizontal allowance to residences to allow that.