Site for website traffic

I saw this while perusing another site. Membership is free, traffic to your website is free. i dont know anything about this site, but thought someone might find it interesting enough to try it out. Let me know your thoughts.

Brian Jones

Hi Brian,

Something like this really isn’t going to help you very much as the people visiting your site are members of their network. Unless they happen to be living near you and in need of a home inspection it’s not going to do much for you. It’s more aimed at people whose sites make money by google ads or even selling products.


Thanks Dom…I had no intention of using the site, I only posted it here in case someone else was interested.

That’s what I figured. You asked for thoughts, so I supplied :slight_smile: Keep posting stuff you find though, a lot of it can be very useful for guys. I’ve found stuff on here guys posted that I did not now about and put it to use already!

I was on a buy and sell site last night when I saw that site referred to. being naturally curious (some might call it nosy) I went to the site, saw it wasn’t for me, and went back to looking for a tractor. I got a lot of trees to move and wouldn’t mind a bit of mechanical help.

Lol. That I can’t help you with!

We’ve had a lot of high winds through here this winter and I’ve got a lot of trees down. I’ll have to spend a lot of time this spring and summer cleaning up the mess. I still haven’t finished cleaning up from the tornado in '06.

And then there’s the deer complaining to me that they had to change their feeding routes cuz they had to go around the fallen trees.:mrgreen:

Time for Bamby to meet Mr. Winchester. :shock:

Not on my land. No hunters allowed. We’ve got 11 deer and 3 bears living on the property. They dont bother me, they were here before me, so I leave them alone. The only thing I’ve done that might spook the wildlife, is to provide a home for a 140 pound stray dog. He chases anything that moves and so does the beagle pup we brought home at Christmas.
Our township waste site is about a mile up the road, so the bears use our land as a route to all the goodies. The deer come up to our living area but the bears stay out in the back 40.