Site should be notably faster today

Hey everyone,

We just performed some system upgrades that should leave the site considerably faster. We’ll be performing some additional upgrades tomorrow that will speed things up even more, and improve system reliability.

Let me know if you notice any bugs.


Mike Larson!

Chris, can you add a village idiot filter?

The above post should explain why.

LOL ! Man! Haha !

Well you keep setting me up Roy.

What do you expect?

Unfortunately… the rest of us still have to deal with it (him). :neutral:

Just havin’ fun with you Brother.:smiley:

OH! Hey ! Kids
Look what the dog dug up .

Aren’t you supposed to be sending Nick $1000 for a marketing Logo??? :stuck_out_tongue:

Ain’t gonna happen !

The other Certified Master Inspectors are just lying about how much money they made from it. Professional designations couldn’t possibly work to land you more jobs or help you command hire fees. I guess it was a silly idea. Someone tell all the other professions for me: :wink:

With CMI nowhere to be found… and on a Wiki site to boot! :mrgreen:

Sorry for the drift Chris… it’s Nick’s fault… he baited me!

They can’t list them all, there are zillions. At least one for every profession in the world probably. Could the whole world be wrong?

We have our own page on Wiki:

And we’re listed here too:

InterNACHI is there too.

I never said they were.
I’m busier than jumper cables at an inspector’s funeral.:stuck_out_tongue:
Thanks to inspector outlet and the Best Designers I have ever dealt with.

Somehow a developer down around Ft. Laudale got one of my brochures that NACHI made , and I just got a 50 unit apartment complex from it.
He said there were more to follow.
The best money for return I have ever spent.

Hence ! I wouldn’t know what to do with more inspections.
Second thought ! I could hire Larson or Jonas to slow business down.:twisted:

Perhaps if you stopping whoring yourself out contracting, and did inspections on more than just weekends, you could actually one day become a real inspector!

Very good troll scumbag ! but , no cupie doll for you.
Why don’t you go change your diaper and then come back and we will try to make some sense of your utterance.

The Village Idiot !

PS: I was told you were Gay ! Is that true ?