Size of service??

I have seen many “double” 200 amp service panels being fed from a utility “junction box” adjacent to the panels. Yesterday I had one with 4, 200 amp service panels. I could find no data plates to give an overall size of the service. What think you all? I am leaning toward this still being a 400 amp service—or the old “could not determine”:slight_smile:

Fischer 143.jpg

Hi Charles,

That looks to be an older installation it may be a small as a 200amp supply. Given the information that you have I would leave it as “undetermined”



Was this a wheelchair/ADA home, by chance? I’ve wired homes with 3 or 4 small panels in a row like that to meet ADA requirements for min and max reach heights. Just couldn’t get the number of circuits I needed in one or two small panels, and one long panel would have put some breakers outside of the reach limits.

Marc----interesting question. I think the top of these panels would still be at least 66"----above what I would expect someone in a wheel chair could reach. What would be the height requirements in such an installation?

Yeah, much less than 66. I was just speculating, on your case. I think the upper reach limits for front approach under the ADAG are around 46". I’d have to double-check to be sure.