Size of wire at 60 AMP breaker

Found this today in service panel at 60 AMP breaker for a welder, what problems do we face with the wire being trimmed to fit under the lug.

Thanks! in advance for your input.

You face the possibility of the termination overheating, but your real problem is a wire gauge too big for the lug. That lug is probably rated for #4, Max. That looks like at least #2. There are ways to adapt, but cutting off strands is not one of the ways.

(Looks like the torque chart on the bottom of the breaker in your picture only shows up to #6)

Thanks! Marc

is this a trick question!?

Probably not. Do you feel tricked? Many people think the installation pictured is fine, which it certainly is not.

sorry I was kidding, and you did not get it.
education of really important.

I am with Marc Shunk side with this situation and unforetally I did see it from time to time. { both USA and France side both way are nothing new to me }

ANd that set up is not very good and there is alot of good way to do it properly.


Marc et Marc, what’s the name for the connector with set screws used to install pigtails here? We saw the pics a couple of mos ago.

John Kogel

That’s one way… people might call those an NSI or Polaris bug.