Skylight close to ridge on roof

During a home inspection I notice a skylight extremely close to the ridge of the roof. Should there be a certain distance for skylights from ridge of roof OR is this fine where it is? If not fine, what comment would you provide on the report your client.

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Can you post pictures of the skylight, Quintavius?

were there any signs of it leaking ?

I always flagged any penetration that encroached on a hip or ridge as a possible source for water penetration. I always checked closely from the attic and/or living space for signs of water damage or prior repairs and reported them when found.

Attic pictures?

No signs of leaks inside the attic

Found this one today along with another modified truss. Automatic SE recommendation.

As for the skylight too close to the ridge, if it doesn’t look right, chances are it isn’t. I too would like to see pictures of the roof structure in that area.