Skylight flashing

What’s the purpose of this flashing? Installed properly?
20+ years old & no leaking.

Thanks in advance.

That should be under the tile.

Adjustments are designed for a metal roof attachment. No purpose to shed water and only adds strength to the install.

Say again? Not sure exactly what you’re saying.

Not sure how to make it any clearer. The adjustment is pushed against the metal sheet when the skylight window is installed; it may be sealed but does not need to be. The reason for the adjustment allowance is the difference in installing the metal roof itself.
Marcel I think just put out info on this from ASC Building products.

The adjustable piece can just be removed in this case.

Duh ,I just took a glance and rushed in it was the flashing.


The holes in the framing still need to be sealed to prevent moisture into the framing. Make sure all understand this. I did an inspection where they thought they could be removed and left open. The cathedral ceiling was damaged all the way down the wall. This may have been a result of this or it could be the flashing itself. Any area water can get in will get in.