Do you recommend step flashings on skylights instead of caulking?

Yes, flashing is the professional way to install a skylight, caulking is the cheap fix way and more likely to leak as the caulk dries out, shrinks etc.

I recommend tearing them out as soon as they can. They give great light, but eventually leak 100% of the time. Specially, in Manufactured homes. Love/hate relationship with them.

I do not go this far but I always told my Client how I like Sky lights BUT !!! it is not a case of is it going to leak but when is it going to leak.
I made sure this was in every report.

A properly flashed well made skylight should not leak.

I agree but I guess the most are not properly installed and the do end up leaking.

Well, thats a horse of a different color.

Thanks guys!

“The roof includes one or more skylights, which are notoriously problematic and a common point of leaks. There are different methods of installing them and, although opinions will vary, some methods are better than others. Therefore, it will be important to keep the area around them clean and to monitor them for evidence of leaks.”

there is a reason they are far less popular these days than 20-30 years ago