Slab & Footer Question (Virginia)

I have a 24X20 building (slab on a footer) with two slabs on either side (4in?), neither of which appear to have footers beneath. I am interested in converting one to a screen porch (direct access from exterior and interior), and the other to a dried-in garden shed (with a small area set aside for the building’s new water heater; otherwise no interior access).

Do I need to dig out and pour footers beneath the entire perimeter of these slabs, pour “pillars” under the structural posts at the corners, or something else? I have been thus far unable to find a really helpful answer in consulting the local codes.

Thanks in advance.

The answer to this is go ahead and set up a set of plans and have an engineers approval and submit them to your building department . If not you could have hell to pay in the future.

Watch out calling something a footer on this message board.
Pretend you meant footing:mrgreen: