Slab Foundation - Home Built in 1999

The house looks great …
The Kitchen floor sloped down then back to level.
All the cabinet and surrounding walls were square …No signs of structrural cracks.
Who should I recommend for further evaluation ?
Look at the left end of the island … You kinda see the slope.


flooring contractor: if they want perfectly level the apparent engineered flooring would have to be removed and a self-leveling product applied & reinstall the flooring if it could be matched
a different lot even from the same mfr can produce inconsistent color
how large an area would require further evaluation
otherwise they either live with it or walk to the next prospect house

The dip in the floor seemed to deeper than flooring material not leveled.
I never experienced such a pronounced dip on a slab foundation.

Could be poor concrete work or poor compaction. If you can’t see the concrete floor don’t guess. I always carry a golf ball in my bag to use on any hard surface flooring, it will find the low spot with in a few seconds, then take a picture. Report the floor slopes, has a low spot etc.