slant fin boiler

does anyone know the “good” and “bad” of these boilers. There is a very small space for a replacement boiler and this was recommended as being able to fit (140,000 btu unit). Thanks

These are usually copper heat exchanger boilers. The good news is, one strong guy can install it. Bad news is, it’s a 15 year appliance. Also, copper fin boilers condensate less.

I guess it depends on the area because cast iron is common around here:

…and the HVAC/Plumbers I talk to like them.

Hi! John;
Slant/fin makes many boilers, without the model and type you cannot say things unless your sure. I did not see any info, is it gas fired, oil fired ???

Actually-I can say anything I like. In any event, I’m sure its probably one of those regional things. Around here, the words slant fin almost always implies copper core.