Slate Roof

Deficiencies, delamination, inadequate repair, etc…

Joseph, how old is that roof? How many shingles in a bundle? :smiley: We never get to see slate roofing like that here, except maybe on a very nice old church.

One reason might be that slate costs about ten times the cost of a good shingle roof.

Installed when new in 1936

It is a shame to let the pure beauty of slate disappear with time. Not many roofers do good slate work around here anymore.
How about there Joe?

…and lasts that much longer than a reglar roof.

There are several guys in my immediate area that specialize in slate roofs. The going rate seems to be around $1000/square, plus extra for the copper or lead flashings.

Good pics Joe, did you walk the roof :shock: ( LOL )

The durability of slate is directly related to where the slate was mined. Certain areas of Pennsylvania produced slate that typically will last around 60 years. The slate that was produced from Peach Bottom may last 400 years!
A terrific source of information regarding the history and repair methods for slate roofs is “The Slate Bible”. Author is Joseph Jenkins.

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Joe, thanks for posting these, they are about the best slate delamination pictures I have seen, please consider them stolen for educational purposes.



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