sliding floor

I have a house 2 story and the drawers on one side of my house
slide open after closing them because the floor appears to be sloped.
Now i see nothing lookig up from downstairs that looks sloping but the floor
is sloped. what can this be maybe a sagging joist below, any help would be helpful.

Put a string line (use a nail at both sides of the wall for carpeting) (pulled very tight) from one wall to the other up 1" from the floor and measure down and you will find out how much difference there is. A simple solution to show if there is a warp.

Naturally a 4’ Level will also work if you have a hard surface floor covering.

Also, are the legs on the dresser even?

Or you could get fancy and rent a Transit from Home Depot.

Would you be talking about furniture drawers or kitchen / vanity counter drawers?

One has wood slides and guides and the other is on rollers.
Also, first floor or second floor.?

Marcel :slight_smile:

upstairs and it is clothes drawer dresser

My clothes dressers aren’t that old and operate on wood slides.
So, if those don’t stay closed and slide out by themselves,

Houston, we have a Problem.

Start in the basement if you have one and follow Dale’s recommendation for starters. If not, that means you are on a slab and check the second floor framing bearing partitions or anything inbetween.

If on a crawl space, the problem most likely is from the girder supports and will be reflected up to the second floor.

Good luck.
Pictures would help.

Marcel :slight_smile: :smiley: