slip sliding away

This guys garage (actually an old stables and carriage barn) was built in 1887. Recently the retaining was has started to deteriorate and the garage is moving. Interior stud wall actually looks like the upper level is sliping south as the retaining wall slides north. Is that common? Not sure if needs lot of TLC or a BIC lighter.





Having trouble understanding the question, Tom. Upper level of an interior wall? If the wall is pivoting the top will move in the opposite direction form the bottom. Why would movement of the retaining wall result in movement of an interior wall rather than an exterior wall?

:stuck_out_tongue: just paint it.:mrgreen:

Pictures to small to tell. 640 x 480 works best.

Abe was born there.

Sorry bout the small size.

Also I should have stated the question better.

The studs on the inside of the exterior bearing wall are sliding south at the top of the stud wall, while the foundation is going north.

Hope that expalins it better.