Sloppy Grounds

I would like to ask your opinion on the connection of the grounds in the main distribution panel.

Is this lug acceptable to accomadate all the grounds.

I personnally thought is was a lazy, sloppy job.

2nd why do they seem to use a knock out for the waterline of exterior ground instead of the small hole designed for the ground?

3rd. Is it acceptable to have romex ran next to the panel or does it need to be protected?


113608 051 (Small).jpg

113608 047 (Small).jpg

113608 046 (Small).jpg

No the lug is not approved for that type of installation.

At to the grounding electrode conductors there needs to be a proper fitting installed where they exit the panel. There are no holes provided in any panel that I am aware of that were made for installing grounding electrode conductors. These are drain holes and are also drain holes in the meter base.
Anytime that a grounding electrode passes through a panel such as pictured it is required to bond to the panel at the point where it passes through although this is never or hardly ever enforced.

It would depend on where the panel was installed as to the protection of the NM cable.

The panel is installed in a utility and laundry room.

Thank you for your reply.

Then I would say protect the cable


A panel in that condition needs to be deferred…

I see twisted grounds quite a bit. They need to be installed onto a terminal bar with 2/3 per screw.

If the NM cable in this picture is subject to physical damage, then so is the panel and it would also need to be protected. I cannot see the whole room, but from what I can see and what I know of laundry rooms, the NM cable in the picture is not subject to physical damage.

What about what looks to be a splice in the black conductor in that panel?

The grounding is a mess.

“Sloppy grounds”?

I thought this was going to be a thread about bad coffee.