Sloppy Stucco question

Hi Inspectors,

I plan on calling out the exposed OSB on this siding. I know most of the exposed OSB is underneath, but feel I should call it out because of moisture/insects. What about the exposed metal corner here in the pics?? Any comments or help would be appreciated! Thanks all.



100_3697 (Small).JPG

100_3694 (Small).JPG

100_3693 (Small).JPG

Your correct. There should be no exposed wood. There should also be a waterproof barrier.

There should be 2 layers of moisture barrier according to ASTMc1063.
The exposed osb on the bottom is not uncommon the carpenters and the form/concrete guy need to get their acts together. Thats not a stucco problem. What ever happens do not seal the bottom edge it will/can trap moisture in the wall system.

How were the windows installed? Backer rod and sealant joints? Flashings? Was ther kickout diverters?

More on kickouts!

For the record they need to be on all houses no matter what the cladding!

I am still not sure what to think of the opening in pics 1&2?

They should be cleaned up and sealed with backer rod and sealant.

They are vertical?

Yes they are vertical. Notice the one picture with the window well?(pics1&2) Pictures 4&5 are from the bottom near the same spot. Thanks by the way!