Slotting photos

I’m new to HIP, thus far I prefer to use a Nikon Coolpix to take pics with because of zoom, flash and overall better pics than my phone or iPad mini.
I batch add all the photos when done. My question is when slotting the photos that are batch added, what happens to the photos that you don’t slot (the CYA photos) do they stay in the miscellaneous file?
Also I’m open to being convinced that it would be better/faster for me to use my phone or iPad mini instead of the Nikon. Tell me why you prefer the way you use HIP. Thanks in advance.

They don’t print when you create the report, but they stay in the (software) file forever.

I use a Samsung Note 8. It takes great photos.

Nothing is going to zoom as well as a camera with a zoom lens. But the ease of use more than makes up for it.

Though I will say the Note zooms much better than my Note 4 did, and I loved my Note 4.

The nice thing about taking pics with mobile is that you’re done on site. There’s nothing to do at home. At home distractions end up taking up lots of time.

As Ian said, unslotted photos stay for your reference but will not show on the client report.

I guess I am old school I also use the Nikon Cool Pix but I create a file in my documents and down load all PIc to that file and when I batch add to the report I just delete the ones I don’t want in the report works for me. No Dom there is no distractions at home I keep a 9 MM just above my monitor:D:D:D

Why do you keep your wife’s gun at your monitor?

Get the Judge!! :mrgreen:

Using a camera on site for notes keeps your attention on the Client and surroundings. Mobile is for those more into the tech and less into communicating with people around them.

I really have no problem doing both.

But then, I play a guitar, while playing a harmonica, while playing electronic drums with my feet all at the same time.

Not saying multi-tasking is for everyone, but some are just able to do it effectively.

Admittedly, not ALL my comments are entered on site. My assistant takes tons of pics with a handheld camera, my pics are entered via my smart phone in their respective section.

I still work about an hour when I get home to slot the hand held pictures, and finish any comments not entered on site.

It’s not for everyone, but it’s possible. :cool:

I have thermal images that must be downloaded and thermally tuned before I place them in a file with the digitals and they are in every report so on site is not for me

I wish this were true…

I am taking photos and slotting. Am fast with it. But the software can only go so fast…and has added 20 mins on site and I will never be able to finish everything onsite. If I did 1 or 2 inspections per day…maybe.

I do have my head down a lot…interact way less with clients and have had to tell them that is what is going on. My realtors are thrown off as well, as they are used to me moving at a greater pace.

It probably works best in the team approach I would say or again, if you are just doing 1 to 2 per day. I am doing 3 or 4. I cannot take the extra time to fine tune on site. Has to be done at home and in office.

I do find that people will give up on following due to the lack of interaction. Which isn’t always a bad thing. But I do not like the look of it socially and from a communication standpoint. People still need that.

Still, I will give it this year and evaluate style at the end of the year. I can always go back to my preferred style. Strictly camera, lots of pace and communication and doing everything off site. I just haven’t found the efficiencies yet…or realized them.

Keep cleaning up your narratives. Use [Notes]] , use the new HIP Camera, remove old narratives and organize most common to the top. Use Common Captions and Lists. You’ll get closer and closer to finishing on site until you do.

How’s the battery hold up?

So far so good.

The Note 8 charges much faster than the Note 4 did.

Even a short drive between inspection 1 and 2 is usually enough to re-charge the battery to close to 100%.

Thanks Ian. We’re up to 6 note 4’s now and carry a slew of extra batteries… have considered Note 8 but the non-replaceable battery turns me away. Heat and the battery seem to be Note 4 weak points.

The other thing is I don’t leave my phone plugged in over night anymore, as that can wear on the battery.

I set it on my nightstand before going to bed and let it charge while getting ready for bed. It’s usually close to 100% quickly, then I unplug it. If needed, I top it off in the morning while in the shower or driving to my 1st inspection.

Trust me, I was nervous about giving up the ability to change batteries, but so far it’s not been an issue.

We’ll see in another year how that hold’s true.

You probably already know… but you can still use your note4 via wifi or blue tooth for many apps so you can take load off your primary (note8).

I traded in the Note4. The rebate seemed too good to pass up.

But I still have a very old iphone to use in that manner.