What is the fix for lack of a better word “slurping” in a tub while draining? It was a new house and it sounded like a lobster being dipped in hot water when the water was draining. It drained, it was just very loud. Apparently, the home owner had to have a plumber snake the kitchen sink already. The plumber stated he could not see any venting for the sink. A window was above the sink so I assume there is a loop vent. But when I heard the “slurping” in the tubs, I began to wonder.

How does anyone in AZ know what a lobster sounds like being dipped in hot water?

Anyway, my guess is if it’s a new house, than the connection from the sink was never connected properly to the vent then the sheetrock was installed.

Just a guess.

Instead of saying “slurping”, try saying a “screaming lobster”.

I call it a “singing” drain.

Air admittance valves are available which can be retrofitted to an unvented tub or kitchen island and don’t require running a vent to the roof.

I did advice an AAV with a little education about them as well. After that, we all laughed and enjoyed the lobster.

I call it a “noisy” drain. Sometimes I have to resort to the term “excessively noisy.”

Ok. How’s this?

Excessively noisy lobster being dipped in hot water noise was present while the tub in the dwelling drained. Recommen typical maintenance and remedy as necessary by a qualified and competent plumbing contractor.

Man I’m good.


I would do this:

Excessively noisy lobster being dipped in hot water. Noisy lobsters under such conditions typically indicate excessively tasty lobsters. Recommend eating about two hours after noise has ceased. Your sous chef, Ms Margarita, and the owner, Dr Cuervo recommend a white zinfandel.

Now that’s good… and tasty!