Small Metal box in attic

Has anyone seen one of these before? The picture isn’t the greatest and I don’t have any other info to tell you about it.
It was attached to the wood behind it, perhaps at the top of the box, I couldn’t tell. There was also some bright yellow writing on the back, but again I could only see the first letter of each line because of the wood.
I didn’t open it…just tried to pull it over and realized it was attached.
It was in an old house attic, house likely 80+ years old.

Just curious about this one, that’s all.

Thanks everyone,



Paul-Marc, for some reason my computer doesn’t want to open anything but the thumbnail; but it appears to be an ammo box.

I agree with Dave… looks like an ammo box.
I would have opened it. I could use three wishes. :slight_smile:

WWII amo box

Hi Dave, I think you’re right. I googled it and just found a similar looking one with the bright yellow writing on the back as well here.

It was definetely attached to the board behind it, which went up and was attached to a rafter.

Thanks Dave, that likely covers what it is. Now, what it’s doing there is another question…!


Former owners ashes?
On the other hand, it could have contained $100k - should have looked.

I ve seen one with old military photos, it was really cool

Ammo box!!!

That’s where they stored the old sweaty dynamite and surplus WWI grenades.

Did you happen to notice of there was a light or ceiling fan below? Could be used as a junction box I suppose.

Vince thats funny, but I would not put it past anyone to think inside that box as oppose to outside the box.

Its an Ammo box, WWII vintage.

I would have opened it to take a peek, and let the homeowners know about it, if they didn’t already.

but then again, I am sorta nosy that way on old stuff…:wink:

I have the trailer that was made to haul them in. Not wide enough for a sheet of plywood (46") but wide enough to hold those boxes. Great for hauling a ATV.

this is an old ammo box

Thanks everyone, wishing I had opened it…but oh well, maybe next time!


Ammo box. The yellow lettering would have told you the type of ammo that was originally in the box. You should have looked…it might have been last used to hide cash. Your client would have loved you.