Small vent ? What is it?

Less than 4year old house in Victorville Calif.

Where is it? What’s on other side of wall?
Gas appliances?

Need more info please.

Sorry can’t be of more help. Maybe someone can identify based on look of
vent alone but I am unable to.

Every time I remove these type of vent covers, I find them to be simple covers. They will be covering a hole made for an water shut-off area or clean out area.

I’d be curious and I would have removed it.

Pest control guys leave those around here a lot when treating for termites. I see those or something similar on walls opposite drains, especially tubs, that penetrate slab on grade foundations. They are usually a little lower when used for that though.

I have also seen something very similar that was a nightlight in a hallway and also exterior steps before.

Did this happen to be next to a step? I had a home that yesterday that had same type cover for lights that light up stair steps.

Looks a lot like a louvered stair tread light to me.

That’s what I’d say it is. . .

Exactly…and walkways.