Small world

People who know me well are never surprised when they hear “Joe!” and someone comes over and introduces herself to me. It happens every day, a product of being the youngest of seven *, a Notre Dame grad, an ex-Army Officer, a former insurance executive, a Philadelphia lawyer, InterNACHI General Counsel and your textbook hale-fellow-well-met.

Contrariwise, I am always surprised.

So, Tuesday night when I was presenting at the Success Seminar in Philadelphia, there was a fellow in attendance who was acting for all the world like he knew me. And he did. Except I did not remember him.

Turned out he was the brother of my late sister-in-law, a guy I have known for over 40 years but have seen only intermittently. I couldn’t place him out of context. He’s been a home inspector for 26 years!!!

Good thing I wasn’t registering as Mr. and Mrs. Jones.*