Smallest Panel In The World?

This panel surprised me. The panel was unlabeled but it was feeding the entire house and garage. As far as I can tell, one of the pull-out fuses boxes to the left fed the separate disconnect for the garage (also shown). The other one powered the range and dryer (double-tapped). That leaves the 4 fuses on the right to power all the receptacles and lights in the home. The entire home was wired with aluminum conductors except for 2 double-tapped copper conductors used for an addition. I asked the home owner if he ever has trouble with blowing fuses. He says he does, but he just has a stash of fuses handy just in case. At least he didn’t put pennies behind the fuses! :shock:

was the Knob and tube present too?

I think I see green in some fuses which would, typically, indicate over-fusing.

Wayne, there was no knob and tube left. At least that’s been upgraded.

Larry, There are so many problems, I didn’t mention them all. You probably noticed the burn marks on the panel as well. If that’s not an indication of faulty aluminum wiring I don’t know what is. Let’s just say I recommended a qualified electrician upgrade the entire electrical system. I’m surprised the house didn’t burn down.

I’ve upgraded some 30 amp services which has 4-15 amp circuits in a post WWII-3 bedroom house. :roll:

Approx. 1900, two story + converted walkup attic + full basement w/workshop + all the bells and whistles… computers, flat screen TV’s, window a/c, microwave, shop EQ… amazing!

Photo Courtesy of Casey Patten- Root River Inspections-6-4-2012 :shock:

Jeffrey, you’ve got me beat! I can’t believe that wouldn’t blow out fuses every day!!

It was not my inspection, but Casey’s. He is a Nachi member about 60 miles East of me. We talk and compare notes often. He sent me the pic with a few others we discussed.

Here is one of mine from about a month ago…

1940 5-Plex…

SE… meters… disconnets… splice box… 35 Amp panels in each unit!

Of course each had a microwave, computer, window a/c, and whatever else they could plug in (with adapters, sometimes doubled up) !!!

A few more pics…

Keep in mind… 2 wire ungrounded…

  1. A/C… best arguement for installing AFCI
  2. To powerstrip with major computer system/gamers system plugged in
  3. Yes… that is an actual “Bandaid”!
  4. Doubles anyone?
  5. Now how did they get that 3-prong powerstrip plugged into a 2-prong outlet?!!

Must of been leaking electricity and they put the glass there to catch it :wink:

"5) Now how did they get that 3-prong powerstrip plugged into a 2-prong outlet?!! "

LOL, i’ve actually seen folks just clip the ground prong off, because “you dont need it anyway”.