Smart phone platforms?

Android or Windows mobile?:smiley:
Dominic you out there

I am looking at the HTC HD2(windows) from Tmobile, been with them for about 12 years now
Or should I take my # and go to Verizon and get the HTC Incredible (droid)
Decisions Decisions

From what I have read ,the windows platform is dieing.

The biggest problem is that there is soooo much out there to read, I am leaning towards the droid

Here is something fresh of the presses to make it more confusing ,but obvious which platform is the one to invest in.

The Incredible appears to be the Phone of the moment… It will be surpassed in 6 months…so it does not really matter.

I am still enjoying my Old Moto Cliq…hahahhha and do not even use 20% of it’s capabilities

Well it depends if your inspecting software will work on the droid, I was told my 3d will not so I have kept my windows phone HTC just for doing my inspections with

That was one of the pro’s for going with the windows platform, I use HOMEGAuGE. and with the builtin camera it should cut some time off of the inspection writing process

Hi Bruce

Nice to see you a couple weeks ago…under the wrong circumstances as we know.

I have a DROID and like it, especially the Google Map GPS which is about all I use besides GMAIL.

I tried the Pocket HomeGauge with my BlackBerry …but my eyes are too old for it, it worked nicely though.

I like Android much better. If you want to use HG on it you must get a Windows Mobile phone but ask them if they have it working with 6.5 or 7 yet. Also don’t plan on using the camera. The flash isn’t good enough on 99% of the phones.

I have the htc touch pro with the tilting display and keyboard. I do not like the windows operating system and browsing the web on it sucks. I purchased it so it would sync with outlook which is very important to me. If the droid can do that I would try it. I have had several phones with windows mobile and I always dislike them quite a lot. I will not buy another unless it is the only way to sync with outlook.

Mike, the HTC Pro (called the Mogul with Sprint) was my last phone and was plagued with problems. The droid will sync with any mail server just like the HTC does.

Do they sync with Microsoft Outlook? I do all of my scheduling with that and it is nice to have all the contacts I have there with me. Thanks for the help and info.

Even if not you could always sync the contacts to gmail.
I never used Outlook .
Better to store on line and just sync contacts to other software if needed.

Possibly. I have not ever considered any other ways. It would be safer. Thanks I will explore that option.

It syncs with your mail server which Outlook is also doing.