Smart Shingles

Has anyone seen this product or procedure yet? There is a short video.

First I’ve hear of it. My concerns would be:

  1. How well does it bond to the existing shingles if they’re old and granules are loose?
  2. To what extent does it improve the bonding of existing shingles to each other if they are already poorly bonded?
  3. What’s the realistic lifespan of this product and what are they claiming for a warranty?
  4. How well does it stand up to footfall, weathering, wear and tear and hail impact.

I can see myself walking that roof during an inspection, one step and all you’ll see is a long streak down the roof and my body lying in the yard.:stuck_out_tongue:

I’m sure it’s every bit as effective as

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Yep, sounds like quite a reputable product and company. :mrgreen:

Here is a question.How is it going to increase the adhesion of the shingles below the added granular.To me its another gimmick.I see them using a torch to get the self-sticking shingles to ad-tear to one another.They should have if shingles are good quality and job was done properly.
Maybe it was a new roof and the sealing process had not activated all the shingles and they were playing it safe.
Its the wind that will case lifting.Ice-damming will still go on.
It is adding granular and UV protection.Thats all I see.
Maybe in some areas its will give you longevity but at what cost per square foot and how many more years will you get out of your roof.
To new for me, I like the tried and true materials and applications myself.
Never seen the product but have seen spray on ,roll on,liquids come and go.