SmartMoney Article on Home Inspectors

Found this interesting. Check it out.

This is about like every article I have read. They put us in a bad light but never mention how often we save clients money or about SOP’s that guide our proceedures. I have yet to read an article that doesn’t mention a lawsuit.

The opening paragraph is BS…HI’s can not start tearing stuff up to do an exhaustive inspection on an items or system unless they have permission to do so and get paid for it…I have all sorts of tools that can tear crap up…just pay me for doing it.

Roofs…that part is true… I personally have walked every roof I have inspected with exception of adverse wx…and even then I often will come back just to cover myself. Most of the HI’s I see at CE classes are over weight FatArses who would do well to truly inspect a crawlspace…yet alone get on a roof.

Training…yep, they nailed that one…whether its going to some HI school to make 80k - 100k a year working part time…(laugh) or the slack entry requirements by state programs…its all a joke.

As for associations… be it ASHI, NACHI, NAHI or whoever…most standards by which an association or licensing entity grants such credentials are often low.

If you go to the doctor for a general check up you expect that he has a certain amount of knowledge to at least recognize enough clues to send you to a specialist… the HI industry is no different…yet that is not the case.

As much as I like NACHI (and I think it is the best of what is available), it too has its issues… especially with the CMI program which is nothing but a friken advertising gimmick. Crap like that does nothing but discredit that which you are professing.

As for using ASHI as a source…that’s even a bigger joke…please, if you want to use a source then speak with the tradesmen who have to fix the stuff that inspectors miss… its no surprise as to why the HI industry has gotten a bad rap nor is it a surprise that more and more states are trying to regulate the industry…unfortunately its not regulating itself.

Loyalty to REA…if you are going to be a big firm…I can guarantee that you are kissing up to REA every chance you get.

Section 5 about Ancillary inspections is BS…don’t expect to pay $300 and get an detailed inspection covering everything from Lead, Radon, Mold, etc…

Paul is right on about new construction…unless the HI is a licensed GC who is more than a paper pusher … getting an HI to inspect a new home is almost funny.
We got CMI’s that don’t know the difference between a Rim joist and interior blocking… now you are expect the guy to tell you about squash blocks, finger joint stud use, header properly sized, etc…excuse me for laughing my arse off.

Section about guarantee work…that is BS… I tell my clients right up front… I didnt build the house and therefore I dont guarantee it…if you want a guarantee then buy a piece of land and I will build you one with a guarantee.

The E&O issues is spot on…some have it and some dont… and yes, you have those clients and REA’s who insist on an HI having it so that they can have recourse regardless if your were negligent.

The code issue is spot on yet much of that has to do with education, experience and knowledge…and even how to write up a report without sounding like a code official. Structural issues will get more HI’s into trouble…and yet most have no friken idea about what they are looking at…no thought about how the roof load is being transferred to the footings.

The last paragraph dealing with HI’s tearing up stuff is nothing but BS filler…things happen…if you make it through an inspection without loosing any blood or broken limbs than its a good day…you are still breathing… all I can say is that its another reason to carry insurance or be bonded.

Over all I would give the article a C+…

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PS. Can you tell that I am getting itchy for the weekend when I start my vacation…heading to Kentucky on the motorcycle which I am still pissed off and seeing red… friken technician screwed up my back brakes and rotor however I cant prove it…yet I have to fork out $500.00…friken moron.

Another piece of useless crap, tell them to call Holms