Smartphone thermal camera

There’s probably some use to these items, and as John M said, these devices would probably accomplish more for awareness, and kudos for that. You can take some cool pics for social media, some outdoor and home uses and even pretend you have a tool a professional would use :D… But who knows, I may get one to have laying around.

The only problem I can think of is… these are probably gonna be 32x32 or 40x40 or something like that with less than great sensitivity… and hopefully an inspector would know better than using it to try to discern something… that could hurt their clients and the reputation of the technology. We’ll see! Onwards and upwards!

Good point John.
Just gave a job up to Will because of obvious split block issues an investor was buying into and he needs further research as determined by me.
As a professional Inspector I see up to 5-6 a year average where I defer to IR as a resource but clients may pump up demand even when not needed.

No doubt this may be a boon to IR education providers to receive a windfall.

Haha ok then…

Maybe maybe not. Today’s $349 smart phone is a toy that is a much more capable computer than an office desk top PC that might have cost $13,490 in 1990.

A high end thermal imaging camera is a tool that uses digital technology that has not benefited from similar rapidly evolving technological advances as smart phones because there is an oligopoly of manufacturers chose to keep the price and technology at 1990 levels rather than compete with each other and seek out new markets and advance the technology.

It is interesting that flir one of the perpetrators of thermal imaging stagnation is coming out with this device, they must have seen the handwriting wall when did their kickstarter thing and went over the top so quickly. Too bad they haven’t got their camera together as fast.

I sent 2 clients to Will this week. Business picks up when we have cold or wet weather. But you can’t find / documents these issues with a $349 camera.

I wish.
Did you do Chicago Heights?

I did it Sunday during the storm then went into the city to do a condo. Good thing my truck has 4 wheel drive!!

Flir has more financial manufacturing and developmental budgeting resources than a small company, that’s the hard thing about releasing an idea as a kickstart to the world without properly trademarking it beforehand.

Many inspectors were unleaded at Flir’s new entry level line of IR cameras that are priced at under $1,000 … Take away the storage, computing power and any other unneeded hardware/software and what is the price down to then? Probably about $350. Lets just wait to see what it’s actual specs are when it comes out.

Yeah I did Rodgers park last night (you know the drivers) and spent 20 minutes stuck while trying to park.
4 wheel on that little Kia is not much help.(light)

Had the flooring guy sit in his truck watching with no offer to help.

I had one in Wrigleyville this morning, they still haven’t touched the side streets.

Side roads cleared here but low traveled ones are snowpacked and unpassable if they are steep grade.

I had to abandon one this morning go another way.

Actually easier in the open spaces than the city right now.
Chicago takes tax money and provides little in the way of clearing streets.

They do not clear parking spaces at all however are eager to give tickets when you can’t get a legal spot.

Trying to navigate the small two way streets with inexperienced drivers is a big risk as they have no idea of courtesy or knowing when to keep rolling to avoid getting stuck.

My suburb not only gets the parking spots but does the alleys as well .

Resolution for the FLIR ONE is 80 x 60, for a total of 4800 pixels.

That’s great…for a toy.

That don’t happen in Okla ya would have had some dude with a monster truck pull you for free just to show his ego

It was funny because I walked up and asked if I was entertaining him and he was speaking all polish but kept saying 4 - 4- 4-and pointed to my 4 wheel drive like I did not know I had it then I gestured for him to push but he just jumps in my drivers seat and I nudged him out.
The guy was a goof.

He comes in the unit and tells the client he can’t do the job unless in his words two two oh ,must have two two oh.

Turns out the building
is all 110v (steam heat).
Main panel with 6 throws I found out later and in a limited common area controlled by a owner hoping to duplex down from the first floor.(OK another story).

What I do not understand is why manufacturers make things work with the Iphone first, when Android is something like 70% of all smartphones in the market place.

Steve Jobs did such a good sales pitch that even the real world numbers are ignored.

The only thing I don’t like is they are using much higher rez images to demo the FLIR One.! (click watch the video) Some of those images might even be 640x480

Jason i phone users spend 10 times more money than Android users and it is one same platform for all.

I am an Android user but understand why…$$$$

Get around and most people in upper income levels use iphone because it is all the same and easy for them.

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