Smell complaint

People had complainted of a smell in this home for 2 years it took me 2 minutes to find the problem and I did not find it from the ground, from on a ladder or with a camera on a stick I was on the roof with both of my little feet:D:mrgreen:

Gary come on down the weather is warm the roofs are flat and I can teach you to dance. I might even let you borrow one of my Red Hats:p

What did it smell like ?

How does one spell M O L D how does one smell MOLD;-)

I have caught issues like that dozens of times without walking on roofs. I rarely see a flat rolled roof that is in good condition. Typical.

Oh Hi Gary I thought you had retired:p;-)

Are sure Fogarty wasn’t hanging around?

Not yet. Just busy. Only two days off in March. I think RE’s kept me busy just to keep me away from the Topeka Kansas HI law hearings.

Got smell?

Use Google Smell for comparison.

C-Bot, I bet you’d keep Gary dancing with a 6 shot Cowboy revolver!:stuck_out_tongue:


I do not deal with pea shooters.