Smelled funny in the whole Condo

Recently remodeled 670.00/sq foot condo on the Battery…

16 apr 07-2 050.jpg

16 apr 07-2 059.jpg

We dont need to stinkin’ traps it just has to flow downhill.

I think they used the painters that were there to do the plumbing install…

No disrespect to painters :mrgreen:

what am i missing?

local saying or place?

Sorry, it’s a localism (of Sorts)

The Battery (area circled in the picture) is the very tip of the Charleston Peninsula. Battery Park is the one surrounded by cannons and cannon ball piles where the terrorists (I mean tourists :smiley: ) all get their pictures of the Charleston Harbour…

The property is one that overlooks the park… fairly high end…


… “but the guy at Home Depot said it would work”.

Traps? Mousetraps? Was there any mousetraps? If the traps don’t get 'em that smell will!