Smells like a scam...

Has anyone come across anything like this before? This came through yesterday. This just doesn’t pass the sniff test with me and I would like to get some feedback. Enjoy the read…

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John Mahr
JBR Property Inspections


 Thanks for the quote. I am OK with the quote and i would have everything put in place for the inspection,first of all i will like 

you to know that the house if for sale by the owner and not by Realtor,I will like you to know the house is still occupied and it will be vacant next weekend,I want you to know that the caretaker will send you the key and you can go there for the inspection,i need you to send me your full name and office address and a valid phone number as requested by the caretaker he would need it to contact you to schedule the inspection and get the house keys to your office immediately they receive their balance,I will like to know what kind of credit cards you accept for payment so i can make the payment asap,I would have to seek a little favor from you and i would be happy if you can be able to grant me the favor i seek from you.Due to my present health condition,i would provide you my credit card details for you to charge for the total cost of the service and also i would like you to charge an extra sum of $ which would be used to balance up fees for the house,I am sorry if i am asking for too much but i would have forwarded the balance to him myself but i am held down with health issues right now and am still at the hospital and the seller stated he wants the balance by bank transfer that’s why i am seeking your favor on this,i would be willing to compensate you if you can assist me on this.

Your urgent response would be appreciated.

Warm Regards

It’s a scam quite a few inspectors got a email just like it.

The repeated “I will like you to know” in the emails seems to be pretty common in all of these scams.

Holy Carp! Never heard of that one! Thanks for posting!

We should all email an alert to every other member so that no one will miss it."hearing+impaired"+(scam+OR+fraud)&filter=0