Smith leads

Has anyone ever heard of or used a lead company called SMITH? I received a text out of the blue from them the other day. I have never even heard of them. When I inquired as to who they are and how they got my name I got the corporate line on wh and what they are.

Goggle usually get a lot of information ,Try it

Recommend you give more a lot more info when you ask a question .

What’s that all about Roy? I was just asking if anyone heard of them. Whether I researched them or not is irrelevant, I did! You obviously have never heard of them…so move on. I don’t need your condescending comments.

Never heard of them, but had similar call from Home Adviser. I asked the same thing, how did you get my number as I dont have a website yet?? I think they get them from this site.

Aint it funny how many negative, smart remarks you get on this board? They cant just walk on by, have to stop and make a sharp comment. Even a simple question like yours draws fire?? I seen a guy introduce himself and a guy bashed him for his spelling?? Gets old. I thought Roy was better than that, but soon figured out hes just more of the same. This is the only place they can be tough guys. Its empowering for them I guess. Maybe years of getting picked on growing up?? Im not sure.

They didn’t find you out of the blue. You have a website.

Go Smith is an app based product. They used that technique to try and get me to sign up. They guarantee contact with the lead or you do not pay the $8 fee. I have not tried nor will I. The way they falsely represent themselves as a person to pawn you off to their website was horrible. Almost an hour wasted.

Just got this text from them…get them a lot…

“Hi, are you available to help John with home inspection in Xxxxxxx. You have 1st priority. Reply 1 if interested, 3 if not”