Smooth transaction?

Just take a look at the HI# WOW!:roll: Where is 912 area code?

Information for Phone Number
912-270-6171Area Code912Prefix270 CellularCityBRUNSWICK StateGeorgiaName & AddressAvailable]( ZIP Code**31520Secondary ZIP Code31525Other ZIP Code**[URL=“”]31523Latitude & Longitude**31.1669 -81.4961 [URL=“”]MapCountryUnited States of AmericaCarrierALLIED WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS LLC DBA ALLTEL - GA Type of ServiceCell Phone**County Name (FIPS Code)GLYNN ( 13127 ) MapTime Zone (Local Time)Eastern ( 11/21/2011 7:26:37 PM )Businesses in Prefix47

Inspections via Google Earth. What did you expect for $199? An on-site visit?

Thanks Marcel, I thought about and found out for myself after I asked. It sounded familiar since the Army post Fort Stewart is in Hinesville GA. and my daughter lived there for a couple of years. Back to the meat of the matter, how do you like them prices and the guaranteed smooth transaction?

Marcel, are you a private eye?

Fly By Night Bussiness with Fly By Service. :wink:

Nope! But for $80 a month they will tell you who he is too! :wink:

You get what you pay for and at that price it won’t be much!

He may just have a GA cell. Someone else in this area has a Tx cell. :stuck_out_tongue:

I am looking for help. I may just hire him at those prices and finish the reports myself. :smiley:

I would be willing to bet it takes longer for you to “finish” the report than it does for him to conduct the inspection! Plus it won’t work out, your finished report may not take the transaction through the inspection process smoothly to closing and happy ownership as was promised. I know mine doesn’t.

Those prices are nuts!!!..

Licensing has done more to erode the inspection industry in Florida than regulate it.

All licensing has done, is make money for inspector schools and organizations, flooded the market with the bottom feeders, and exposed the Public to substandard inspections.

…Oh wait, I’m beating a dead horse…

Now why you got to be so negative. :p:D:cool:

You should be beating the inspectors that were all for it. :stuck_out_tongue: They are all quite now. Can you hear the crickets?

Licensing in the long run(years) may be a good thing. But since they handed them out like Andie’s Candies at Olive Garden it will take years for this type to get out of the business. When they economy improves some will find jobs and that will help move it in the right direction.

I don’t think he is a NACHI member. Here is his info:
Name: Robert Mitch Strickland
Address: 100 Canebreakers Dr # 102, Cocoa, Fl. 32927
License: HI4863
Licensure Date: 09/30/2011
His phone number is on the pdf.
Good luck hiring this guy.

He’s in Greg Bell’s main territory. Go get him, Greg. GC’d over 400 homes, up to $4.3 mil and doing HI’s for $99.00…just doesn’t add up IMO.

Gotta keep his crew busy somehow!:shock:

I need to get a head shot of him. He is the perfect poster child for the conspector.

Lets see if he renews his license in 2012.


We got one like that in our area. He drives for 75 miles one way (150 miles round trip) to do an inspection for $250.00 I guest it beats the minimun wages rate.:roll:

probably just another bait and switch. you still need ws, 4pt, rcc, termite. How much do those cost from this dude? It probably adds up to a normal rate. Good advertising though. Posting here def. Helps. Right Mikey?