Snakes in the washing machine

Must have really wide drain lines…

I inspected a home for a herpatoligist last week. He said that he pulled 32 snakes out of an oven in a woman’s house. They were between the outer wall and inner wall. He could not get them all out, so had to put the oven on high, and smoke them out, he said it took a long time.

The other strangest one is that he went to a house and pulled out over 125 snakes, he finally told them they need to find another place to stay for a few days.

Also went with the tbi for a raid at a house people were geting poisonous snakes shipped into the country and selling them. There were 32 poisonous snakes in the house inside wal mart aquariums, and a 24month old child asleep on the couch.

I talked and showed him my thermal camera and what it could do. He took my name and number and said he thinks I can be used. He gets called all over to find snakes inside of homes.

"Maine Animal Damage Control operator Richard Burton reached into the machine and pulled and pulled — all 8 feet of a reticulated python.
Burton guesses the snake got into Ranger’s washing machine through water pipes. The snake’s future home will be York Animal Kingdom in York."

What are they smokin’ in Maine!

I highly doubt this snake crawled into the washer through the water pipes or even the drain pipes.

I’ve had neighbors and heard of others that let their reptiles loose, in the house or outside, when they outgrew or overstayed their welcome, then place the call to have Animal Control pick them up…many are just euthanized.

If he would have crawled thru the drain pipe he would have had to skinny by the water pump in the machine. :wink: