Sneak Peak at new Website Hosting Platform

We’re putting the final touches on the new website hosting platform we’ve been working on for the past year and a half. I know some of you guys have been patiently waiting for awhile so I thought I’d give you a sneak peak. Check out the demo site at More details to follow soon!

Wow, nice, sweet, can’t wait, hmmm what else can I say :D:D

Looks amazing.I like how the truck clicks out.

I’ve been wanting to move my hosting, but being a cheep a ss I’ve been waiting on a deal…

Are the servers in one location or are they spread out?

We have servers in CA, AZ, OR & MI. We use Liquidweb and Amazon for hosting our servers.

That is Great. No worry about down time.

That looks great! Welcome to the 21st Century.

It’s always been there.
Does HG provide HI web hosting? Just asking.

Nice WordPress theme.

Will you be offering upgrade options from your legacy hosting platforms?

Does anyone still use Legacy? I prefer open or standard programming interfaces.
But, I’m not on top of things like I used to be.

The existing system (what is being called “legacy”) is based on Drupal, which is an open-source platform, the primary competitor to WordPress. Both are open source, both extremely powerful and flexible. We want to provide choices for your hosting, whichever you prefer.

Are you a HIP associate?

He’s the head of our support department :mrgreen:

Unfortunately there’s no Easy button to click to convert from one platform to another, especially since we’re using a heavily modified version of WP. We are bringing on a few more staff to help assist anyone that wants to upgrade (and doesn’t want to copy/paste on their own) but pricing on that hasn’t been finalized.

If I understand correctly, you also have multiple generations of Drupal based templates, some of the older ones not being directly upgradeable to the newer ones (i.e., you can’t just select the newer template and have it work with existing content).

I was wondering if there was going to be an option to buy-up from one of the older generation drupal sites, some of which are looking a bit long in the tooth.

I would be interested in buying up to a modern, responsive WP theme based site. I’m aware that it would entail a full rewrite of the content, I was asking more from the prospect of the cost / subscription angle.

You can use any of the newer Drupal themes. If you’re on an older server that doesn’t have the latest (which is a few sites), then we move guys to the newer Drupal platform when guys request it. We won’t be adding new themes to the Drupal sites anymore as we get new people starting on the new platform.

I’m not making myself clear - my apologies.

I would like to abandon the old Drupal site and establish a new WP site for the same domain, understanding that all content would need to be recreated or manually ported. Are you anticipating a subscription upgrade path to accommodate that or would it be the same as starting anew?

To keep things easier to track we’ll probably cancel the old path and then have you sign up new as the monthly subscription cost isn’t going to change. We’ve built in some billing and invoicing into the new system to make it easier for guys to track for taxes and stuff (rather than asking us at tax time via email!).

Yes, they do.