Snell level I certification warranted for home inspections?

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I just purchased a fluke Tir unit and signed up to John Mckenna’s webinar. I received a call from the fluke rep here in Chicago trying to sell me the snell level I cert class this coming January. I told him im a novice with these cameras but we purchased it for my home inspection buisness along with a contracting company im partners in. I wanted to see what the experienced thermal imagers thought were before we spent another 1695.00. If its warranted then so be it. Again we are it stictly for home inspections and quality assurance in our building division. I appreciate any advisement. JK

I took the Building Science Certification Course through The Building Science Institute (FLIR) The course is geared towards building inspections.


Was that certificate equal to a ITC or Snell level I certificate. Again I just want to make sure im spending 1695.00 for the right reason. Basically from what i understand the class is 32 hrs of training. The rep from Fluke basically made me feel if I get trained the fundamentals and uses of thermal imaging cameras from any other certification body other than ITC or Snell it would not be worth anything. True? False? I know there are experianced thermographers on this sight?

Building Science Institute and ITC are partners- BSI provides the instructors. I prefer the live onsite training. Snell is also a good provider. There probably isn’t much difference in their course presentations.

Gotcha-- Thanks for all the help Linas.

I’ve taken both John MCKenna’s introductry class and the Flir Level I Certification class. Both were good.

Flir’s obviously heavily geared theirs toward FLIR equipment.

Several friends with IR cameras other than Flir / have taken BOTH Flir and Snell classes indicated that Snell’s class was more hands on than Flir’s AND more neutral on cameras, AND they’re more experienced with Fluke Cameras than the Flir guys.

Dan – So basically you think it was good money spent for the added education? The bottom line is the bottom line and before I spend money I want to hear what the experianced inspectors think. Jk

Hi Jim I have the Building science with john and the level 1 from Snell with Ron Conner’s He is a Level 3 with all seven other certs.

The Building science With john is good But the money you will spend with Snell is the way to go. Ron Conner’s Has the Building Science Down and understand just what you would be doing with your Camera as a HI. But walking away with the Level 1 is getting you off-to a great start. But nothing is going to take the place of you working with the camera every day as much as you can and posting images on this board for others to help you with you images.



Our company is sponsoring the Snell Level I Thermography course in San Francisco, Feb 15-18 2010; here is the link to the course brochure and registration form

We are offering a special discount on our model IRI-4010, a 160X120 camera. The regular price is $3850 and the discounted price for people taking this Snell Level I course is

Pembroke Instruments, LLC

I have been eyeballing the Snell course as well. John Snell is a friend of a friend, and used to live in my area. I am signed up for their free newsletter, (I think its free, At least its free to me:) Hunt around on the Snell website for it.

You’ve answered you own questions in all of your posts.:slight_smile:
Caveat emptor in everything baby…

Experienced inspectors know what their services are worth and so price accordingly don’t we? We all know that no 2 home inspections are alike and the services performed and end product are vastly different as well. The same is so very true for IR technology and training. No 2 training courses are the same. A quality education is typically worth every penny! :wink:

Thanks for all the input. Looks like I’m going to Palatine Jan 13-18.

IR is nothing but FUN.

I am almost ready. IR is the future, and I would also like to be apart of it. Coming to KC anytime soon, John?


If you can get 10 people together we will come to your location.

If not, our webinar-teleconference course is the EXACT same as
our onsite class. It is LIVE and never recorded. Hundreds are
out running their IR business and did it by taking our 2 day webinar
class alone.

The Chicago Chapter of NACHI will be putting on the NACHI IR Certification course in the Chicago and Wisconsin area early next year. It will also include state CE credit (12 hours, in total) for those states.

It will cost much less than Snell and ITC. Basiclly, it is a Building Science certification and geared, specifically, towards home inspectors. It also includes training for energy auditing and water intrusion problems.

Hope this helps;

I have taken the Snell Level 1 and it was a fantastic extremely informative training course.

Which course did you sign up for Jim??

Fox river systems and snell got together and are putting this class together in palatine @ 1025 n. smith rd. palatine Il Jan 11-15 If interested contact Mike Gilkey @ 630-365-4030.

IR is diffinately the future and well worth the learning. I have found so many concerns from the camera that i could not see with my eyes. Using the camera i have put my self ahead other inspection companys.
Knowledge is good.